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            Company mission: To establish the most powerful brand and the most respected enterprise, and to grow with the staff and partners.

            Core values: honesty, study, solidarity and innovation

            Company vision: Strive to become the Eva foam manufacturer has the most powerful comprehensive strength in the Economic Zone on the west side.

            Strategic intention:Persisting in innovation and creating value for customers

             The essence of enterprise culture: honesty

            The core of enterprise culture: keep improving ourselves 

            Standard of conduct:

            *Staff should make persistent efforts and be vigilant in peace time.

            *Staff should understand and support the company’s decision in the    time of stress.

            *Staff should step forward bravely and pull together to overcome the difficulty in the times of trouble.

            *Staff should dedicate themselfves to their work.

            *Staff should achieve professionalism through work.

            *Staff should have very clean carrer planning.

            *Customer demand is our guidelines for action.

            *Customer desire is our improving direction.

            *Customer satisfaction is our ultimate objective.







            Eastablishing the work atmosphere with mutual repect,mutual help and encouragement.